Wedding Wednesday – Flowers

How was everyones week? It’s dropped about 20 degrees since last Wednesday. It’s official, Fall is here! If you like it or not, it’s about to be pumpkin EVERYTHING – well, that’s if it’s not already happening. Check back this week, because I’m about to PUMPKIN my whole house (and kid 😛 )!


I’m at it again, Wedding Wednesday. I link up with Macy from To Travel and Beyond and Nikki from Make Up Her for Wedding Wednesday. Each Wednesday I share small details from our big day. Don’t forget to visit my other Wedding Wednesday posts.


If there was ever a time you were thinking I was crazy, I’m about to confirm that thought.


Ben and I grew our own flowers for our wedding.


Yup, that happened. When you marry into a farming family why the heck not?! Plus, it makes for a good story!


The biggest advice for growing your own flowers is to have a back up plan! Due to the weather, we did get the seeds in a little late. We had a lot of our sunflowers pop, but not all. This meant we needed to supplement our crop with others. Luckily, Ben had a few connections at a farmers market.


I topped off this crazy dream with arranging the bouquets ourselves. What do you think about that? Would you consider this or did it yourself? What was the craziest thing you did for your wedding?


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7 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday – Flowers

    • YellowDogPinkPig says:

      Luckily, I had other people focused on the farming of our flowers, so they didn’t let me stress about it. I couldn’t imagine baking my own cake. Plus, if I did bake it, it wouldn’t be very good – hehehe

      Thanks for stoping by!



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