5 Things to Remember as a New Mom

I’ve been a Mom for 2 weeks! That seems nutty. I’ve learned so much in these past two weeks and I’m sure I’m in for more lessons as we go.


1.  Always have a burp rag! I’m always cleaning something up – pee, poop, spit, vomit…. always have a rag close. The second you don’t have the rag is the second all hell breaks loose! Plus, you can get s
uper cute burp rags.


2.   Breastfeeding is hard work. Luckily my husband convinced me to take a Breastfeeding Class at the hospital. BEST DECISION EVER. The class gave me the knowledge and an opportunity to ask questions and I gained the confidence at the hospital with the nurses assistance. The little one and I struggle sometimes, but I remind myself, “we’re both new to this give it time”.


3.   You will be peed on – A LOT. My little one has great aim for everything except a diaper. Once he’s free the stream starts coming. Always be prepared and be fast.


4. Sleep is overrated. This little guy gives me about 3 to 4 hours in between feedings at night. I get tired, for sure, but he’s worth it. Plus, you know what some of my best friends say, “you can sleep when you’re dead” and I believe them. (or sleep when he’s napping :-P)


5.   Treasure each moment. Before a blink of an eye, I’m sure he’ll be off to college, getting married, and having his own little one. This means living in the moment each and every day. I’ve already been peed on too many times to count, but each time I giggle and enjoy that moment.


I remind myself of these 5 things when I can barely keep my eyes open, or when my little one won’t settle down. These are the moments I’ll miss, so treasure them now.


Have you seen this little ones nursery? We have some pretty special pieces like the DIY Paper Mobile and the Scrapbook Paper Art Work.

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10 thoughts on “5 Things to Remember as a New Mom

  1. Linda Saunders Shurtz says:

    Always have a good burp rag source 🙂 I wish I lived closer right now! I have zero doubts that you two will be awesome parents. All that middle of the night stuff — I don’t even remember it now ~ Linda P.S. – Are those crabs on his shirt? 🙂


  2. nmiller00 says:

    Oh this brings back so many memories! My kids are 10 and 5, still young but no longer in the baby stage. I hate to tell you this but I still need to have some sort of rag with me at all time to clean up boogers or oreos. I keep wet wipes on hand at all times. . for both of them.

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