5 Reasons to Join the World!

Our life is about to change completely. 9 months ago the Hubby and I received the best news. This was back in November 2014…


I’m anxious and excited but more than anything ready to meet our little guy. I really should be grateful and enjoy these last few days, but I’m so ready for the next step and so over being prego. Plus, it’s summer time and I could really go for a Shandy!

I decided I could give this little guy a 5 reasons to come out!

1. Your Mom and Dad are WICKED cool – I may be a little bias.Your dad cannot contain his excitement. Check out that smile from the first time we saw you! This has not left his face.



2. It’s July and Red, White, and Blue are Totally In – This kind of circles back to #1 because as you can see, we’re wicked cool. We love Red, White, and Blue and can’t wait for deck you in all things USA! You should see what we’ve packed in your hospital bag, you’ll love it! I’ll share the baby bag and outfit later. Just a teaser, it’s a customized onesie from a dear friend 😀

But let’s be real, you’ll be wearing RWB year round!


3. Your Brothers are Waiting – Radar and Stanley started howling “we’re the 3 best friends that anyone could have.” Plus they’d really like to start playing with your toys!



4. So Much Room for Activities – It’s got to be getting tight in there! I promise to swaddle you and love on you when you’re fussy. No need to say in that cramped little space any more than you have to. Plus, eventually you’ll be evicted, so why don’t you just come on out!

IMG_9572 (1)

5. Your Family– Com’mon little guy not only do I want to meet you, but these people do too! Your Grandma and Grandpa in Maryland have been packed for weeks and I get daily text checking on you.

If you’re very close to delivering, this website is a lot of fun to send to friends… 


Well, if I were you, I’d be banging on the doors to get here! There is so much fun, learning, and loving to be had. Hope to see you soon! Check back to see if I packed the proper hospital bag or sneak over to see details from the nursery like the mobile or wall art.

Any advice to get through these last few moments of being baby free? I think we’ll head to the movies tonight and soak up the last few kid-free moments.

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