How to Frame It!

My husband can be pretty creative. It’s nice to bounce ideas off of him. Plus he’s wicked supportive of my crazy projects and typically jumps in knee deep with me. I brought home a pack of scrapbook paper from Michael’s with no real idea in mind, but I knew these pages would spark an idea.


My first thought was to use these pages as mats for photos or other art, but Hubby said, “let’s just frame the ones we like.” Hmm…. not a bad idea! So we took out all of our favorites and then went through and picked the very best ones. The floor was COVERED. See – he’s a genius.


Frames are from Michaels (who’s surprised?) These are from the Studio Decor line. Obviously purchased on sale or with coupon!

ScrapBookPaperArt-12x12Ah – Just love it!


Have you done this? Are you looking at the cute paper mobile? If so – swing over here to see more details on that! Check back to see what’s on the other walls of this nursery. Decorating your nursery doesn’t have to cost a ton and can be really fun!

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