Simple DIY Nursery Mobile

I have to give credit where credit is due and the ladies over at Merely Mothers NAILED IT withΒ the tutorial on how to build a paper mobile! I suggest taking a look at it. I also noticed they are offering kits at their Etsy store, again, genius!


I fell in love with her mobile as soon as I spotted it on pinterest and knew I had to make it. I was lucky enough to hit Michael’s on a day when their paper was on sale – SCORE! I then used a coupon to purchase the circle punch (2 1/2 inch). I went bigger than Merely Mothers because, well to be honest, I’m lazy and didn’t want to do as many. πŸ˜›


I didn’t use a standard pack of colors as she did, so I bought three different packs from Michaels.Β I used the packs of paper linked here. As I said, they were on sale at the time, so no biggie!LOTSofCircles

Then I thread these little circles and put them on the rings! This took longer than I was expecting so I skipped covering the rings and went right to the room to hang up!


Love it! Makes me smile each time. Love how it fills this little space too. Have you completed a project like this? I’d love to see – share a link or comment below!

I’ll also be sharing the other portions of the nursery, so check back soon! Click here to see easy and cheap wall art!

10 thoughts on “Simple DIY Nursery Mobile

    • YellowDogPinkpPig says:

      Thanks! I was just checking my email this morning and this paper is on sale for $2.00! What a deal?! I may just have to stop by an stock up, who knows what my next project may be, but I can’t resist pretty colors πŸ™‚



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