Conversation Stones

I’m going to say it… I love pinterest! It’s addicting. When I’m about to start a house project I can’t get enough of it. It is a great way to share amazing ideas and I was lucky enough to find Christine’s blog post about Conversation Stones. Check out her blog, Where the Smiles Have Been, to see other great craft ideas.

Conversation Stones

I do not have the fancy printer that she has, so I printed mine and hand cut each circle. (Yes, it was very time consuming and I considered buying her fancy toy!) Once these were cut out I used a glue stick to adhere the paper to the stone and for extra protection, I then modpodged the back of the stones. The questions are listed below and you will need about 2 bags of the Dollar Store stones.


Her stones were made for her husband, whereas I will be putting these in the lounge for my students at a small college. I used a few of her questions, but came up with my own. You can download your copy below.


FREE – Conversation Stones Download

Where will you use your conversation stones? Let me know!

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